Looking for a user-friendly cash register system?

Count-IT is much more than just a cash register system. The system also helps you manage one or multiple store locations. A cash register system with inventory management, real-time data analysis, CRM, and personnel management. And all of this securely in the Cloud.

Our mission? To provide a cash register system without compromises. A user-friendly and time-saving solution that complements your organization ideally.

Simple cash register system

Count-IT’ is designed for everyone, even for people without real “computer hands.” For example, the system is set up in a simple and clear way, aiming for optimal user-friendliness.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein

Highly comprehensive

Count-IT is a system that anyone can use. But you can also easily expand Count-IT by selecting functionalities that are essential for your organization.

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A simple and user-friendly cash register system for everyone

Count-IT’s cash register system is designed with the idea that everyone can work with the software. We always strive to deliver the most user-friendly package possible, allowing an employee to work effectively and efficiently with minimal training.

Count-IT can be fully customized to the preferences of your organization! You can create product categories in the main menu. Adding buttons for frequently sold products is also not a problem. This can be done per department and even for each individual employee. This way, each employee/department can have their own menu layout and make the most of Count-IT’s cash register system!

Cash register system tailored to your business!

Count-IT focuses on user-friendliness for your organization. The cash register system is designed with and for entrepreneurs. Various features have been added to enhance interaction with customers.

Features such as putting a receipt on hold or under a name with a single button press, emailing, or even printing an invoice are standard in the cash register system.

Examples of the software’s user-friendliness include: easily adding discounts to a line or the entire transaction amount, processing product returns, multiple payment methods for a single transaction, and return PINs.

Comprehensive statistics

Getting an overview of relevant statistics is crucial for your organization, so you can always see what’s happening within the company.

Count-IT is unique because with just one button press, you can access an overview of all your important statistics. You can see gross profit margin, revenue, and sales per hour in the user-friendly Count-IT dashboard. This can be done by product, product group, or user. This way, you can immediately identify where your organization can achieve more profit.


Optimized hardware

Count-IT is designed with the idea that the system can be used on any laptop or computer. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with an iOS, Linux, or Windows device. Count-IT always works!

Count-IT is optimized for the hardware we provide, ensuring guaranteed software functionality. If you want to use your own hardware, it’s usually possible, but we can’t guarantee optimal performance.

Feel free to check out our hardware page for more information!

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