The Ultimate Cash Register System for Every Wholesale Business

Count-IT assists you in managing your wholesale business. Through the use of a B2B portal and an overarching website, both you and your customers always have insight into the organization.


Stay in constant contact with your customers thanks to Count-IT’s B2B portal.

Linked Webshops

In addition to the main webshop, all customers have their own webshop link that they can manage themselves.

Rich in Features

Count-IT’s system includes powerful software for functionalities like inventory management, real-time reports, CRM, and loyalty and analysis tools. Count-IT thus aids you in running your wholesale business.


Through our B2B portal, you can communicate with all your customers. Additionally, you can easily view invoices and customers can place orders and sign up for courses. The portal also features a download center that allows you to share files like promotional materials with customers, which they can easily access from their own environment


Count-IT is happy to assist you in setting up a webshop for you and your customers. The wholesaler manages the main webshop where products are sold. Wholesale customers have their own webshop link linked to the main webshop, which they manage themselves. They can use this link for their own sales, for example, through their website and social media channels.

Kassasysteem Count-IT voorbeeldweergave

Linking Cash Register System with Webshop

In addition to the portal and website, there is also the option to install cash register systems in customer branches. For this, we offer both the software and hardware, all at a competitive price. The equipment comes pre-installed. You can plug in the cash register system and start using it right away. Additionally, Count-IT can be linked to external services, such as accounting software. This way, you don’t have to manually transfer data, no data is lost, and you save time!

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Functionality for Cash Register Systems

Our cash register system offers various features that you can implement in your wholesale business. These functionalities can also be personalized to seamlessly align with your enterprise.

Integration with External Services

It is possible to integrate Count-IT with external services. This includes linking payments, accounting, CRM, order management, carriers, and the webshop to Count-IT. Check out the potential integrations.

Kassasysteem Hardware


Starting a new wholesale business and still looking for equipment? We provide fully pre-installed peripherals at a competitive price. With this plug-and-play delivery, you get the complete package all at once.

Already have existing POS equipment you want to reuse? We’ll test if it’s compatible with Count-IT. Check out our hardware here.

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