Reporting in Count-IT

Count-IT comes with reports on sales totals, expenses, customers, and other management information. Utilize Count-IT to set goals for your employees and track their progress directly from your dashboard.

Go beyond standard reporting with our real-time analysis platform. With Count-IT Insights, you can dive deep into your data streams and make well-founded and informed business decisions.


Count-IT is designed for everyone, including those without specialized IT knowledge. Count-IT is also optimized for maximum user-friendliness. As a result, the learning curve is smooth, allowing employees to quickly utilize all the features and benefits of Count-IT.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein


At its core, Count-IT is a simple cash register system accessible to everyone. However, the system is also easily expandable by enabling functionalities that are important for your organization!

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

User-Friendly for All!

The Count-IT dashboard displays statistics that are crucial for your organization. The Count-IT cash register system also provides more comprehensive statistics in the reports overview. Statistics like cash sales, invoicing data, order statistics, and product margins are just a few examples of Count-IT’s capabilities.

Tailored to Your Business!

With the Count-IT system, you also gain insight into the history of all sent emails. If a customer didn’t receive an invoice, Count-IT has you covered to prevent such misunderstandings. Quite reassuring!

Count-IT also keeps track of who did what. If you come across something unclear or inexplicable in the system, you can see who it originated from and then reach out to the respective person.

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