Product management

Adding, editing, and deleting a product or image in the product database is a breeze, isn’t it? Changing the desired stock level? It’s all a piece of cake with Count-IT software. Count-IT offers various options to easily create discount and promotional campaigns based on store locations or even customers. Automatic price adjustments at one or multiple locations? The Count-IT point-of-sale system handles it all.


Count-IT is designed for everyone. Even individuals without extensive computer skills can find Count-IT simple and intuitively organized for optimal user-friendliness. This ensures that the learning curve isn’t too steep, and employees can swiftly utilize all the features and benefits of Count-IT.

“Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler.” – Albert Einstein


At its core, Count-IT is a straightforward point-of-sale system that anyone can use. However, you can easily expand the system by checking off functionalities that are important for your organization!

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

Comprehensive Statistics

Gain detailed insight into the history of your products. Want to see what you bought and sold a product for one year ago? No problem. With Count-IT, you can directly respond to changes in your market segment!

Want a detailed overview of all sales, cumulative or relative? Curious about the exact margin per product? Count-IT provides the information! Want to add an extra field to a product? Count-IT also offers that capability.

Numerous Product Options

Count-IT is the solution for creating new items by combining various components. For example, two separate bath products (existing items) can be packaged together in a beautiful gift box with a free bar of soap during a promotional period. By incorporating the components (bath products/soap) into the gift packaging, checking out with one combined product becomes easy. Moreover, the stock is automatically updated upon the sale of the assembled item.

If you’re looking to migrate from your existing point-of-sale system to Count-IT, it’s a simple process to automatically import products into the Count-IT database.

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