You have a wealth of data at your disposal with Count-IT, allowing you to enhance your understanding of your customers’ buying behavior. The CRM module enables you to track the complete purchase history of customers, allowing you to send them targeted offers.

Reward your customers’ loyalty through a rewards program with loyalty points. It’s easy for customers to participate and completely under your control. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Count-IT.

Setting up promotions is just as straightforward. You create a special price list for upcoming promotional items that automatically activate and deactivate based on the entered date and time.

Communicate with Your Customers

Communicate quickly and easily with your customers through Count-IT’s CRM.

Increase Your Revenue

With the enhanced customer engagement made possible by Count-IT, you increase customer satisfaction, resulting in higher revenue.

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

Track Your Customers

Count-IT provides a detailed overview of your complete customer history. With Count-IT, you can precisely see which products the customer orders the most, when the customer orders, and how much the customer spends. You can also filter this information according to various criteria as needed.

Did the customer mention something specific? Easily add a note with Count-IT to remind you!

Create customer-specific price lists! Product discounts, line item discounts, or percentage discounts based on a certain amount? No problem with Count-IT! Simply create a price list that you can effortlessly associate with criteria like date or time according to your preferences.

Customer Engagement

The Count-IT customer portal is the portal for your business! It ensures that you are not only connected with your customers everywhere and at all times but also that customers are always connected with your company. The customer portal consists of various modules, which you can choose yourself. This way, you create a software package that perfectly aligns with your company’s needs.

The portal is secured, so not everyone has access to it easily. This can be done in several ways, such as working by invitation or based on existing customer data.

Communicate easily with your customers via email, directly, or through platforms like Mailchimp. Newsletters and other relevant files can also be shared effortlessly.

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

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