A scale integrated with the cash register provides a lot of convenience: place the product on the scale, click (or scan) the product on the cash register, and the cash register registers the weight and price. Manually entering the weight is now a thing of the past! The DIGI scale complies with legal requirements. If the cash register has a customer display, the customer will see both the weight and the price of the product directly.


  • Capacity: 0-15 kilograms
  • Accuracy: 2/5 grams
  • EC-verified
  • Cash register integration

€ 469,-

Capacity 0-15kg
Reliability 0-6kg: 2gram
6-15kg: 5gram
Material Aluminum
Color Grey and Black
Dimensions 355mm x 295mm x 53mm (BxDxH)
Operating Temperature -10-40°C