The Count-IT customer portal is the portal for your business! It ensures that you are always connected to your customers anytime, anywhere, and your customers are connected to the company. The customer portal consists of various modules, which you can choose yourself. This way, you have a software package that perfectly aligns with your company’s needs.

The portal is secured, so not everyone has access to it easily. This can be done in several ways, such as working by invitation or based on existing customer data.

Customer Portal

Boost your sales with a dedicated portal for your customers. They can use this portal, among other things, to place orders.

Custom Look and Feel

Customize the layout of your customer portal according to your own preferences.

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With a focus on your customer!

Customers can place orders with you 24/7 in a secure environment, using a clear order form. You can customize the assortment per customer or customer group. This way, you always cater precisely to your customers’ desires! After a customer places an order, the order and invoice are stored in the portal, allowing your customers to have an overview of their order history and invoices anytime, anywhere.

Everything in one place!

All in one spot! Because all orders are in the system, you know exactly which products a customer has. This makes it easy for the customer to request repairs or returns through the system.

Through the portal, your customers can sign up for training sessions. Optionally, an invoice can be generated automatically, and the customer can pay online.

Communicate with your customers through news articles on the customer portal. These can also be linked to a mailing.

Tailored to your business!

You can integrate Count-IT with other software packages, for example, to process orders, manage inventory, handle product changes, and generate invoices.

Customize the look and feel of the customer portal itself. You can change the logo, color scheme, and font. Is this not enough? We’re happy to discuss a customized design.

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All documents in one place!

Do you want to make brochures, images, and files available to your customers? Upload them all in one place in the customer portal, possibly organized into different categories.

If your customers use the Count-IT cash register system, they can place orders directly from their own cash register. For recommending Count-IT, we offer special reseller packages.

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