Order management needs to be simpler, faster, and error-free. And that’s exactly what Count-IT’s order management can do for you, as the system optimally and accurately manages your orders.

Count-IT provides an (expected) inventory based on purchase and sales orders. Additionally, the system automatically generates sales orders that you can print with a single button press. When creating a sales order, the system immediately generates a pick list. As the inventory falls below a certain level, an automatic purchase order is generated. Review the order and send it directly to your supplier.

Everything Up-to-Date

Your entire order process is always up-to-date and transparent.


With Count-IT, you can effortlessly optimize a significant portion of your order processes.

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Sales Orders

With Count-IT, creating sales orders is easy. They are stored and displayed in an organized manner. With a single button press, you can invoice the created sales order to the customer.

Automatically generate pick lists, so the customer’s order can be prepared immediately! With comprehensive statistics in both the Count-IT dashboard and reporting, you have continuous insight into current and expected inventory. Additionally, you can easily convert quotes created in Count-IT into sales orders. In short, a complete order management system.

Purchase Orders

Constantly creating repetitive purchase orders is a thing of the past with Count-IT. We offer you the ability to manage all purchase orders in one central location.

Count-IT automatically generates purchase orders based on your current inventory and sends them to the supplier automatically. Thus, you only need to set conditions per product, and Count-IT takes care of the rest!

In short, you’ll have more time to focus on running your business!

Experience the added value of Count-IT yourself?

Experience the added value of Count-IT yourself? Try 30 days free