Software for Inventory Management

Keeping track of inventory has never been easier than with the inventory management module of Count-IT!

With this, you can easily monitor the stock levels and the system ensures that you don’t fall below the minimum stock threshold. Count-IT also calculates inventory forecasts, helping you prevent over-ordering. Thanks to Count-IT’s straightforward layout, making changes is quick.

The manual creation of purchase orders is a thing of the past. With the Count-IT system, you only need to input information once. After that, it’s a matter of keeping track and monitoring.

Real-time Inventory

Knowing your current stock is essential. Count-IT ensures that you always have insight into your inventory with a real-time overview.

Automatic Ordering

Count-IT features a fully automated ordering system. You can specify specific criteria for when to order a product, such as on a fixed date or when the stock falls below a certain minimum. Count-IT takes care of all ordering tasks, freeing up more time for other matters.

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

Multiple Warehouses or Locations

Count-IT offers the capability to view the real-time stocks of multiple warehouses and locations. This way, you can see in detail what’s available per branch/location.

As Count-IT calculates inventory forecasts, it ensures you never over-order and always have sufficient stock available.

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Detailed Overviews

Count-IT allows you to access overviews such as product history, current inventory value, and purchase/selling prices. This provides you with a current overview of your organization’s goods flow, total inventory value, and finances. Isn’t this the kind of information everyone wants to have?

All for User-Friendliness

Linking Count-IT to a scanning terminal (PDA) makes inventory counting even easier! Now, you only need to scan each product. Count-IT then immediately displays the current stock.

The simple creation and printing of a pick list for an order is another example of Count-IT’s user-friendliness! This eliminates errors or confusion. Subsequently, you can print the customer’s packing slip with just one button press.

Experience the added value of Count-IT.