The invoicing process is a task that needs to be done accurately and precisely. If you handle this process in-house, it can put significant pressure on your organization. With Count-IT, this pressure disappears! Now you only need to keep track of your invoices. Count-IT takes care of everything for you, from the order to the delivery!

Easy Invoicing

Sending invoices and processing payments has never been easier than with Count-IT!

Multiple Payment Options

With Count-IT software, you offer customers numerous payment options. This significantly reduces the number of overdue payments.

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Simple Payments

Simple Payments

Count-IT allows you to easily generate an invoice from a sales order and send it to the customer. Count-IT supports the most common online payment methods such as iDEAL, Bancontact, SEPA transfer, Credit Card, PayPal, and many others (See You can also pay invoices in Count-IT through automatic direct debit.

Tailored to Your Customers

Count-IT enables you to create customer-specific price lists. This way, you actively respond to your customers’ preferences. Have you agreed on a discounted price with a customer? No problem for Count-IT! In the same price list, you can easily apply customer-specific discount prices.

If your customer orders more frequently, you can use Count-IT to indicate that this customer is accumulating reward points, which results in a discount on the next order. This encourages your customer to order from you more often!

Automatic Processes

Want to automatically invoice orders as soon as they are delivered? No problem with Count-IT! In this situation, Count-IT automatically generates an invoice and sends it to the customer.

Has the customer paid? Count-IT automatically links the payment to the corresponding invoice. Additionally, in the accounting, the invoicing is reconciled with the payment.

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