Count-IT helps you manage one or multiple retail locations. The cash register system is highly suitable for retail businesses and extends from inventory management to real-time data analysis, CRM, and personnel management, all within a secure cloud environment.


Count-IT’s user-friendly cash register system assists all retail staff in quickly and easily serving their customers.

Cloud based

Log in and work wherever and whenever you want? With Count-IT’s software, it’s possible. Sales, products, and reports are always within reach, secure, and up-to-date. An internet connection and browser are all you need.

Fast Checkout

With one action, you complete the sale, open the cash drawer, and print the receipt. Convenient, as a quick and streamlined checkout process keeps customers satisfied.

The Ideal Cash Register System for Every Retailer

An easy-to-use cash register system with a low learning curve, that’s Count-IT’s POS system. Adding discounts to a line or the entire transaction amount in an instant? Returning products with the push of a button? Combining multiple payment methods in one transaction? These are all examples of the user-friendly features of our cash register system. Furthermore, there are various payment options. Payments can be made in cash, with bank or credit cards, or with vouchers. Even return payments are no problem.

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Dashboard and Ordering

With Count-IT’s comprehensive dashboard, you have a quick view and insights into your business. From recent sales to appointments or scorecards, you customize the dashboard to your needs. Select only the functionalities that are important for your organization. This way, you maintain an easy overview.

With Count-IT’s ordering advice, you can specify when you want to order a product based on specific criteria. For example, on a fixed date or when the stock falls below a certain amount. Count-IT takes care of the ordering tasks, leaving you more time to run your organization as a retailer!

Count-IT Always Works on Every Device

Count-IT’s cash register system works both online and offline. If the internet connection is lost, sales continue as usual. When the connection is restored, the software saves sales in the cloud. Because your data is in the cloud, we ensure necessary security and backups.

Count-IT’s cash register software also works on a variety of devices. Think of Mac, iOS, and Android devices, desktops, and laptops. The solution is also compatible with various POS peripherals. The cash register system supports numerous printers, barcode scanners, card payment machines, and cash drawers. Moreover, you can often link all the equipment present in your organization to the system.

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Features for Retail Cash Register Systems

Our cash register system has several essential functions for retailers. You can customize these functions to perfectly fit your business needs.

Integration with External Services

Count-IT can be integrated with various external services. This means you don’t have to worry about transferring accounting data and the like. You can find all integration possibilities through this link.

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Hardware Retail Kassasysteem, voorbeeldweergave

Hardware for Retail

Starting a new business and need equipment? We provide fully pre-installed peripherals at a competitive price. With this plug-and-play delivery, you get the complete package all at once.

If you already have existing POS equipment that you’d like to (re)use, we test whether it’s compatible with Count-IT. Check out our hardware here.

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