Cutstomization: Count-IT develops custom cash register systems

The Count-IT system already boasts a wide range of comprehensive features. Are you still looking for something we don’t currently offer? That’s possible. We offer customization in two ways.

Count-IT is developed based on the needs of our customers. As a result, a significant portion of our development time is determined by our customers. We listen to their needs and then schedule these requests for development, testing, and eventual deployment. The testing of these new features often occurs in collaboration with the customer to ensure that the end product aligns perfectly with business practices. If you’re missing certain features, we first assess if this is a feature that can be broadly utilized. If it is, we add this feature to our schedule and develop it. This new feature won’t cost you anything – perhaps just a bit of time if you’re interested in testing the functionality alongside us.

If it’s an exceptionally specific feature, we are happy to explore the possibilities for custom solutions. We will provide a non-binding quote upfront with the costs for the entire project, so you won’t encounter any surprises!

Do you have special requirements? Feel free to contact us. We’ll look at the possibilities together.

Customization: Together, for Each Other

Count-IT is developed with and for our customers, always attentive to your desires.

Missing Features?

Are there functionalities lacking in Count-IT? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for potential solutions.

Experience the added value of Count-IT.

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