Count-IT has developed a portal specifically for the concept store.

A concept store is a shop where the focus isn’t solely on selling products. The layout and assortment of the store are aligned with a central theme or a specific lifestyle. Often, they sell products from multiple entrepreneurs. As a result, the concept store’s inventory is composed of the diverse stocks from these entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs add their assortment, including inventory, to the portal, and products can be directly sold in the store. Through the portal, both the store and the entrepreneurs gain insight into the sales: the store into the total sales, and the entrepreneur into the sold products from their assortment.

The portal is protected to prevent unrestricted access. This can be achieved through various methods, such as working by invitation.

Concept store

Boost your sales with a dedicated portal for your entrepreneurs. This portal can be used by them for tasks like adding their product range and managing their inventory.

Custom Look and Feel

Personalize the layout of your portal to match your unique style and preferences.

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Each entrepreneur gets their own login.

Adding Assortments

For each entrepreneur, a unique login can be created for Count-IT. This allows them to log in to the POS system and independently add their product assortments. Since the system is unified for all entrepreneurs, all products are entered into the system in the same manner. This creates a cohesive setup.

Inventory Management

The system keeps track of inventory, which can be easily accessed by both the concept store and the entrepreneur. The entrepreneur adds the initial stock and can replenish it based on sales. This way, both the business and the entrepreneurs have visibility into the sales.

Berichten conceptstore

Everything in one place!


All the entrepreneurs of the shop-in-shop have their own dashboard where they can view all sales. Multiple summaries are available, allowing them to compare, for instance, this month’s sales with those of the previous month. They can also easily check the number of sales per hour/day.


Communicate with the entrepreneurs through news messages on the dashboard. When logging into the Count-IT POS system, the dashboard opens, and the entrepreneur can immediately see the new message.

Revenue Reports

You can integrate Count-IT with other software packages, such as for processing orders, inventory, item changes, and invoices.

In the POS system, a shared layout can be used for the store, such as for label printing. This is set up for the store, and the entrepreneurs can then easily print labels for their products, ensuring a consistent look for product labels across all businesses.

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Margins + Monthly Payment Badge

As a concept store or shop-in-shop, you often charge a specific margin (commission) that the entrepreneur pays per sold product. Count-IT makes it incredibly simple to reconcile this margin (monthly) by using a payment badge that is automatically invoiced. The revenue is transferred directly to the entrepreneurs, while the margin goes to the concept store’s account.

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